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The Espira sport emulsions are characterized by their unique effective substance formula with active oxygen OZONID. This oxygen-rich formula improves the blood circulation of the muscles, increases their performance and reduces regeneration phases before, during and after physical activities.

Tiredness, pain, cramps and general injuries are significantly reduced.

Starting with the warm up over to the regeneration, the individual products of our line are specifically produced for the needs of the athletes. They support your muscles at any time with important natural substances to activate and protect them and to shorten recovery periods.

Whether you are an amateur or a professional athlete, Espira offers a healthy and natural way to support you at all your sporting activities and get you into shape!

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Unique effective
substance formula

One element is essential for the reduction of latic acid: Oxygen.

The high percentage of active oxygen in our sports creams make them unique and effective.

Espira Ozone Light - fördert die Fettverbrennung

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